It’s Never Been This Easy to Get Your Perfect Smile!

Meet with a Noviclear Provider

Schedule an appointment with a Noviclear Provider who will take Impressions/scans of your teeth, along with photographs and radiograph. These records form the basis for Noviclear’s personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Plan Created

After receiving the molds, our American Board Certified Orthodontists create a course of action that includes information such as your personalized treatment plan and the necessary duration for your Noviclear provider to approve.

Production of Aligners

After your treatment plan is approved, we will begin the production of your personalized clear aligners. The entire course of treatment will be sent to your Noviclear provider who will deliver them to you.

Closely Follow Treatment Plan

After receiving your Noviclear aligners, make sure to follow the directions included in your treatment plan as best as possible to ensure that you receive the proper results.